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Budget Committee

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Table of Contents

Budget Committe & Information

The Budget Committee meets to make recommendations for district-wide budget cuts.  The committee is advised by an augmented budget committee. 









Meeting Date Agenda Minutes Presentation and/or Handouts
  link to agenda page or file (pdf) link to minutes file (pdf)

2012-13 Adopted.ppt 

Final 12-13 Adopted.pdf

      District Budget Committee Recommendations.ppt  






  • Midge Hoffman - PLA
  • Loretta Kruusmagi - CSEA
  • Jon Harford - PFT
  • Loretta Bracco - CSEA
  • Lisa Martin - CSEA
  • Ted Russo - PFT
  • Sandra Larsen - PFT
  • Karen McGahey - PLA
  • Linda Scheele - PLA
  • Christy Defanti - Confidential 



Meeting Dates



Click here to view full District Calendar





Links to various resources discussed as part of the meeting, published on the web or uploaded to the wiki for this committee.


  • Link 1
  • Link 2
  • Link 3 



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