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Calendar committee response

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The Calendar Committee wants to acknowledge all of the input to the "Survey for 2012/2013 School Calendar."  Many of the points made were ones discussed by the Calendar Committee when they met last week.  The Calendar Committee consists of four certificated bargaining team members, two classified bargaining team members, three management team members and a confidential representative.   We know that this is not a scientifically valid survey but the Committee wanted to provide employees with an opportunity for input into the issues that are under discussion.  As you know, employees who don't have an opportunity for input often raise concerns about the shared decision that committees make.    There is an effort to have a common calendar for all Sonoma County Districts to decrease the amount of districts' scarce resources going to special education transportation.  The Calendar Committee is attempting to work within the constraints of three options for a common calendar that are under consideration.  In viewing the three options, the questions that were asked in the survey were the issues under discussion by the Committee.  The Calendar Committee, as other District committees, is the shared decision making body.   Thanks again for you input on this important issue,  


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