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Session _2

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Session #2

Developing Framework for Effective Teaching and Learning

October 11, 2011

8:30 – 3:30 PM

Sonoma County Office of Education


Expected Outcomes:

Teams learn what a teaching and learning framework is, why it is important, and why

incorporating student learning into the framework is essential.

Teams learn about examples of frameworks from other districts that emphasize

planning, teaching, increasing effectiveness, and student learning.


Activity 1: Review of past work and update

Hope and Fears

Summarizing the Research and Key Takeaways from the External Scan/Article review

Summary of key themes from the Key Characteristics of an Effective Evaluation System



Activity 2: Defining Effective Teaching

When we see an effective teacher, what do we see from the teachers and the students?

Why is it important to be clear about this?




Activity 3 :Teaching and Learning Framework

What is a Teaching and Learning Framework? Why do we need these frameworks?

Review of our readings: Teaching and Learning Frameworks (Table Talk)

o What did you notice?

o What was confusing?

o How is student learning reflected?

o What is the role of the CSTP?

What are common components of all the articles we have reviewed? (Group


What components make sense for your district? (Table Talk/Chart/Walk‐around)


Activity 4: Next Steps & Evaluation


o Required reading for next meeting: Nation Comprehensive Center for Teacher

Quality: Methods for Evaluating Teaching Effectiveness

o Suggested: Interview five of your colleagues about defining effective teaching?

How do they know if their students are learning?

Table discussion of pluses and deltas; report out.

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