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K-12 Curriculum Meeting 11-29-11

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Petaluma City Schools

K-12 Curriculum/Staff Development Meeting

November 29, 2011 8:30 – 3:30 District Office



  • Come on Time

  • Stay on prioritized agenda

  • Build consensus

  • Make space for quieter voices—don’t dominate discussion

  • Keep communication open

  • End with “Next Steps” (action steps)

  • Keep discussion student centered---the purpose remains linked to students and learning







15 min



Transitional Kindergarten

15 min

Introduction of Transitional Kindergarten Program


Introduction to Common core Standards

1 hr.

A review and familiarization of Common core Standards in Mathematics


Teachers presented the Math practices and standards

-each stands alone (8 common across the grades)

-replaces previous Mathematical thinking standards



-Jane presented a draft of the PCS Roadmap to Implementation of CCS

- We are weak on informational text, generally

-How will we introduce this across the district?  Build teams to provide general presentations to staff at staff meetings. Considering 2 ELA and 2 Math groups (at Elem and HS levels) to provide 15 min. presentations.  We're the resource and Project LEAD.  (Mary and Jean G. to present in a mini-conference at VV on 12/7).  Can Project LEAD conduct a train the trainer? Can we use Mary's ppt?

-Ellen presented the top 10 tips for facilitating presentations:

1. Stay neutral

2. Scan group for faces, check for understanding

3. Review change document

4. Put it back to the group.  "What do you think?"


 Elem ELA

-Nat'l Standards, dev appropriate

-timeline review

-review snapshots

-input and questions from staff


Elem Math

-Phil Daro, reference

-Nat'l Standards

-CST test, the PARK w/3 types of ?s (and level of cognitive demand)

-CA additions

-Unit planning, not lesson planning


JH ELA & Math

-Curriculum committee minutes

-Present at same time (ELA & Math)

-Not a choice, a reality and a shift

-want ppts


HS EL/Math

-present timeline and why (other states' usage)

-snapshots shared (not overwhelming)

-Solicit FAQs

-Share MA's sample problems






-group work/group thinking shown in a variety of forms (time consuming, rich, deep work).  This does not coordinate with our assessment calendar. Phil Daro, a resource for CC development

-Project LEAD will have some video references

-For integration purposes, PD is required for all teachers (not just Math).

-Algebra, Geometry, Trig (discreet classes) vs Math 1, Math 2 (as in Europe)

-Practice 3, viable arguments and critiques, a particular challenge and a big change.  Importance of adopting common language.

-New teachers could serve as models of strong implementers of curricular depth supported with technology and integrated curriculum.

-We could collect FAQs from CCS presentations & share answers on the wiki

-We anticipate less opposition.  Questions though.

-Elementary teachers felt that they could present to their sites.  With a ppt, we would have the same messages despite different presenters.

-We anticipate questions about how we're going to fit it in, especially at certain sites.  The other work that we're doing as a district(EL focus, POP, focus groups, etc. support this work of learning deeper.)




-Implementation- When will we get/use new materials?

Materials not funded until 2 years in (assuming schedule remains the same)

-What does it look like?  We need to see it.  Videos/PD needed.

-Where is/will be the formal support for developing integrated curriculum with technology?

-Best way to present to large campuses?  How do we decrease anxiety?  Some see SLCs as a natural place for CCS rollout.  Ask SLC facilitators about the best way to roll it out.

-Sample test items?  Some on the MA website.

-Find videos to help illustrate the strategies that support CCs.(Group viewed one brief Daro video today.)


-Ask Project LEAD about their availability to support our presentations (either to make the Math presentations or to work with us to present)


-Ellen to post change document on the wiki.


- Jane to post ELA ppt on the wiki.


-Add ELA and Math ppts to the wiki for Elementary teachers to use when presenting to colleagues at their sites.  We could also show a brief "how to depth" video.


-District to reproduce the agreed upon materials for school dissemination.





Return at 10:20


1 hr. 15 min

Developing the Common Core Presentations for Staff



1 hour

Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

Return at 12:40




Practice presentations for Common core


Updates on Initiatives

15 min.

Focus Groups and Ren Learning Star


On-line learning –Secondary

30 min

Committee goal development


Mini-Conference Planning

30 min.

Review Progress and finalize


Updates from Sites

30 min.

Updates from Reps


Meeting Evaluation :

Top Three

10 min.






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