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4th Grade Writing Rubric Draft 04-27-2011

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4th Grade Writing Rubric Draft



3 – Meets Standards

2 – Approaching Standards

1 – Below Standards

Writing Strategies




Mature Writing that demonstrates sophistication beyond grade level

Piece fully addresses the topic in a clear multi-paragraph response

  • There is a clear, focused topic

  • Strong introduction including a clearly stated topic sentence

  • Relevant, telling, quality details give the reader important information

  • The conclusion is strong and leaves the reader with a sense of closure

Piece partially addresses the topic

  • Main idea is somewhat clear, but there is a need for more supporting information

  • Introduction is present but simple

  • Some supporting details and information are relevant

  • Conclusion is recognizable

Piece does not / or minimally address(es) topic

  • Main idea is not clear. There is a seemingly random collection of information

  • There is no introduction of the main topic or structure of the paper

  • Supporting details and information are unclear or not related to the topic

  • The conclusion is weak or missing

Writing Applications

Sentence Structure



Mature Writing that demonstrates sophistication beyond grade level

Language is clear

  • Use of compound and a few complex sentences attempted

  • Precise and vivid vocabulary

  • Writer’s voice comes through and reflects their experience of a subject

Language is inconsistent

  • Some evidence of sentence variety

  • Some evidence of precise/vivid vocabulary

  • Writer’s voice is inconsistent

Language is vague

  • Little or no sentence variety

  • Limited, simple vocabulary

  • Writer’s voice is not present

Writing Conventions





Mature Writing that demonstrates sophistication beyond grade level

Student has control of most 4th grade appropriate conventions

  • Grammatical errors are limited and not distracting

  • Spelling does not distract from the content, common multisyllabic words are generally spelled correctly

  • There are few errors in capitalization and punctuation (including correct usage of quotation marks, commas and apostrophes)

Errors in grammar, punctuation and/or spelling are distracting

  • There are some grammatical errors that distract the reader

  • Some common words are spelled incorrectly, spelling errors may distract the reader from some content

  • There are some errors in capitalization and/or punctuation that catch the reader’s attention and interrupt the flow.

Errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation make the piece difficult to read

  • There are many grammatical errors that cause the piece to be hard to read

  • Many common words are spelled incorrectly and are distracting to the reader

  • There are many errors in capitalization and/or punctuation that distract the reader’s attention


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