Scheduled Calendar Listings

The Scheduled Calendar Listings is an RSS feed created from the Petaluma City Schools Office Calendar (Google Calendar).


The XML feed from the Google Calendar is run through a javascript which pulls the dates for the specific committee.  

For information on the scripts, accounts and files needed to make the scripts work see:  Committee Meeting Date Entries.


The title of each meeting is important to make sure the query string runs correctly; the meeting title must be consistent with previous entries.  The table below identifies the committee, the query string and an example of an existing query.


Committee Query String Example Meeting Title
3-6 Writing  K-6 Writing Committee  K-6 Writing Committee 
7-12 Writing  7-12 Writing Committee   
Algebra 1  Algebra 1 Committee Algebra 1 Committee Meeting
Ed Tech Ed Tech Ed Tech Mtg
K-12 Curriculum K-12 Curric K-12 Curric/Staff Dev
K-2 Writing K-6 Writing Committee K-6 Writing Committee
K-6 Math Math Committee K-6 Math Committee
K-6 Study Groups Study Grps K-6 Dist. Study Grps
Report Card Report Committee K-6 Report Card Committee
Star Reading Reading   
Teacher Evaluation Collaboration Teacher Eval   
Transitional Kindergarten Transitional Kindergarten   
Trust Trust Committee Trust Agreement Committee