Report Card Committee

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Report Card Committee

1-2 Sentence description of the purpose of this committee.





Non-CC - Grade 5 report card 2012-13.doc



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  • Emily Blecher 
  • Jane Escobedo
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Report Card Meeting Dates



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Links to various resources discussed as part of the meeting, published on the web or uploaded to the wiki for this committee.


Elementary Generic School Report Cards 2012 -2013 - Old Report Cards: cells may move as you type. Good to use as handwritten forms.



Traditional Generic School Report Cards 2012-2013 PDF forms in English and Spanish -PDF can not be typed in.  Use for handwritten report cards.  English and Spanish are separate.



Pilot Elementary Report Cards with Math CCSS - Cells may move when typing.



Pilot Elementary with Math CCSS in English and Spanish Fillable Forms - English and Spanish are connected.  If you only need English print only pages 1 and 2.  Suggestion:  Fill in your name, school name and save to your desktop.  Use desktop template to fill in for each student.  Save as you go!