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K-12 Curriculum Committee

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Table of Contents

K-12 Curriculum Committee

K/12 curriculum/staff development committee is a district-wide group that guides and recommends the district-wide common assessment of student progress, curriculum, selection of appropriate aligned materials, staff development, and reporting to parents. 


Other functions of the committee:

  • Assist district in identifying best practices in delivering  curriculum and professional development
  • Share ideas regarding assessment and curriculum
    • Find common ground
    • Make recommendations to school sites
  • Problem Solving
  • Assist district in making progress toward established goals
  • Aid in increasing student achievement
  • Report to constituents/staff




Meeting Date Agenda Minutes Top 5
October 4, 2011  K-12 Curriculum Agenda 10-4-11

K-12 Curriculum Minutes 10-4-11

1. Wiki Link (http://pcscommcentral.pbworks.com)

2. CC Standards and upcoming assessments

3. Share draft of Board Goals

4. DWSG Share-Case/Mini-Conference and accompanying survey

November 29, 2011 K-12 Curriculum Agenda 11-29-11 K-12 Curriculum Meeting 11-29-11  

1. Share this Presentation with site staff.

2.  K-6 Mini Conference is Dec. 7 at Valley Vista

February 28, 2012 K12 Curriculum Staff Development agenda 2-28-12_1.doc  

1.  Common Core Standards include project based learning and critical thinking and collaboration.

2. Common Core Standards will require  staff development to support all teachers becoming teachers of reading, writing and research skills across our district.  

3.  We are moving away from the use of Edusoft to Aries Analytics.  The Analytics is an upgrade to Aries that includes integrated information and assessment information.  The new version will include an updated grade book component.


October 2, 2012 Agenda is a shared Google Doc  

1.  Common Core State Standards and 21st Century Learning both require the 4 C's; Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking.  We will send out one page white papers introducing all teachers to the 4C's.

2.  CCSS unit and lesson development template is being developed by a subcommittee of K-12 Curriculum/Staff Development Committee.  We will share when it is complete.

3.  Members of the K-12 Curriculum Staff Development Committee will review the 12-13 proposed Board Goals and collect input from their staff.

November 26, 2012 Agenda is a shared Google Doc   1.Project Based Learning resources are available on the web and will help us to implement Common Core Standards.
2. We drafted clear beliefs and goals related to common core and will share these with all teacher in the district
3.  PCS is ready to start moving forward toward implementing CCS.
May 3, 2013 Agenda and minutes are shared on Google docs  

Top 3 

1.  A rubric for 4C's was reviewed.  We will be piloting in 13-14 to gather base line information on 4C's implementation across the district.  WE may also use it to vet CCSS aligned units.

2.   Intell-Assess (CCSS aligned assessment system)will be piloted in 13-14.

3.  K-12 is working to develop a matrix of strategies that will support CCSS and 4C's implementation in PCS classrooms.









K-12 Curriculum Meeting Dates



Click here to view full District Calendar





Links to various resources discussed as part of the meeting, published on the web or uploaded to the wiki for this commitee.








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